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The New Book from Michael Moriarty; How to Bring Your Best Self to Work – Strategies for Career Success.

Described as a book “full of wisdom, insights and practical advice” and as a book which “ will help you be a  better person, an accomplished careerist and a better leader” the author draws on years of career and leadership experience and shares his knowledge with the reader. This book can transform career prospects with 35 chapters dealing with such matters as motivation, attitude, confidence, resilience and much more. This book argues that you can be a positive influence in the world with a changed mindset. A must-read for anyone wishing to maximise their career potential.

How to Bring Your Best Self to Work – Strategies for Career Success.

This book has the real potential to transform your career prospects and strengthen your inner being. After years developing my own career and leadership skills, I have now distilled all my knowledge and experience into the 35 chapters of How to Bring Your Best Self to Work – Strategies For Career Success, and I believe it can assist in transforming personal attitude, building confidence and driving success.

It can inspire you to exploit your full potential, enhance your personal skills and promote wellbeing.

This is a book about enhancing life, leadership and career.

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Every Leaders Reality Guide

Strategies to Release Your True Leadership Potential.

Using my life and leadership experiences , gained in a variety of leadership roles over three decades, I set out how leaders or aspiring leaders can ignite their true leadership potential.

This book is for you. It will change you and certainly enhance your leadership role. Every Leader’s Reality Guide is, provocative and transformative. Time to self-assess.

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“What it Said in the Papers: The Execution of Kevin Barry”

Kevin Barry’s execution at the age of 18 attracted world-wide attention. His memory lives on today in story, song and verse.
The extraordinarily detailed newspaper reports of his court martial and execution, and the accounts of the public’s response to events as they unfolded, have ensured that Kevin Barry’s memory has remained in the Irish public’s consciousness.


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